For Sale 1983 Bertone X1/9


This car has been a labor of love for me the last year 3 years. I bought the car from the orginal owner (picture of the car in 1985) in Atlanta on 6/6/04 with 115226 miles on its odometer. I had the car restored mechanically during the winter of 04 and had the exterior stripped bare metal and repainted in 05. I drive the car on pretty weekends and to shows and am selling the car to persue other car interests. If you are looking for a like new Bertone (with a few improvements of course) in white then you have found your car. The orginal owner , when I took it back for him to see post restoration, said it looked better than it did when he bought it. Guess you cant top that !

This car has been maintained by a 30+ years of experience Fiat mechanic who raced X1/9s for several years with SCCA. He worked on X1/9s from their introduction in 1974 and, at one time, had over 50 X1/9s as customer cars he serviced. This car has been a passion for him and he lights up when I say I am bringing it in as he loves to drive it =) He is part of the reason I am selling as he has a car he wants me to bring back to life , a VERY modified 1979 X1/9 (his last remaining X), and I am starting to give into his temptation.

I have to say this is the best driving Fiat I have ever driven on the street. At 5500RPMs on the interstate in 5th (you can figure out what speed that is *wink*) the car is rock solid smooth and even after running 4000-5000RPMs in 5th (with a few trips to over 5500 to pass) for 5 hours in 95+F weather my temp gauge reads 190. The car starts with zero effort , has zero play in the steering, uses no oil between changes (changed every 3K miles with synthetic), has almost no rust (see below for more on this),

Images and Videos(More pictures and video coming soon):

Note all underbody images were taken after 15K+ miles and no cleaning was done there as none was needed =) I also found out how hard white is to photograph as it seems the flash brings out every spec of dirt and magnifies it. If more images are needed of any area of the car I would be glad to take them , just let me know where and I will get them to you ASAP!

A few recent Trips the car has taken :

These help show how dependable this car has been. I was never stranded once but I didnt find myself wishing I had charged the A/C a few times =)

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Chris Layton 901-619-4872

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