Pininfarina Hardtop

I never thought I'd want a hardtop, as in Texas one can drive with the top down even in winter (on occasion), but now that my son is almost a year old and he will be coming with us on trips it seemed like a good idea. A few months ago I aquired a Pininfarina hardtop in poor condition and started the process of restoration.
Here is what the top looked like when I bought it. The vinyl covering was split in several places, and the weatherstripping was homemade.

First step was to take the top totally apart and take it to a upholstery shop to have new vinyl covering put on the outside. Here's a pic of the top as I got it back from the shop. Note temporary rear attachment!

Now I am waiting for new weatherstripping to arrive from Italy...

I found a lot of good information on Pininfarina hardtops here (R.I.P. Ken): (go to Hardtop Reference Guide)