1970 Fiat 124 Spider

[owned 1995-2003]

I bought this car in 1995 with a bad engine. It had been off the road since 1984! The odometer showed just over 60k miles, which I believed were genuine from the nice condition of the interior. The dash wasn't even cracked! At first I did not like the orange/black paintjob, but eventually it grew on me. I installed the 2000cc engine from the wrecked Brava racecar (see separate page on that :-), and I was on my way! Eventually I rebuilt the engine, then installed fuel injection, you can read about those things in spearate pages.

Here it is in 1997 with 13" American Racing alloys wheels:

Same car in the spring of 2000 with a new hood and 14" Maserati Biturbo wheels:

A few pics of the 2000FI engine (sorry, the engine compartment is not detailed):



  • 2000 FI block and head, rebuilt Jan-May 1998
  • Block bored with a torque-plate made from an old cylinder head
  • 8.9:1 CR pistons (84.4mm, gives 2014cc)
  • Block shaved 1.25mm (.050") to give 9.8:1 CR
  • Fuel pump lobe cut off from auxiliary shaft, oil hole plugged with threaded insert
  • Crankshaft plugs removed, holes tapped and plugged with threaded inserts

  • Exhaust ports smoothed out, intake ports enlarged
  • 40-80/80-40 camshafts
  • Infinitely adjustable camgears
  • 21 mm timingbelt
  • Modified Toyota throttle cable and pedal

  • Stock Fuel Injection
  • Airfilter box from T-bird Turbo
  • Stock FI exhaust manifold and downpipe, 50mm (2") exhaust system
  • DynoMax 57mm (2-1/4") muffler
  • 1974 Spider radiator

    Dyno sheet for my Spider!

    Here's a pic of the engine before installation:

    And here's one after installation. Initially the engine had a Weber 32/36DFEV carburator and block mounted electronic distributor (from a 1979 Lancia Beta).

    This one is after the Fuel Injection conversion. Battery moved to trunk, distributor moved to camtower, coil to right inner fender. Since the picture was taken the alternator was moved to the left side of the engine, and the airhorns relocated to the grille area.


  • 25mm (1") front swaybar with urethane bushings
  • Front suspension rebuilt (bushings, balljoints)
  • 13mm (1/2") rear swaybar (from Toyota Celica)
  • Spax adjustable front shocks
  • KYB gas rear shocks
  • Polyurethane bushings in panhard rod
  • 14x6" Maserati Biturbo wheels
  • 195/60-14 Yokohama AVSi tires

    Front suspension after rebuild:


  • Old, cracking paint with some bondo PIC
  • Custom made 1-1/2" rollbar
  • Canvas convertible top
  • Hella H4 headlights with 100/140 Watt bulbs and relays
  • Battery relocated to right front corner of trunk
  • Bumpers overriders removed
  • Front and side emblems removed PIC
  • Amber rear turn signal lenses PIC
  • Front parklamp wires/bulbs reversed, so turn signal is on outside of lamps
  • Abarth steering wheel PIC
  • 124 Coupe inside door handles
  • Fire extinguisher and First Aid box mounted on rear 'shelf'
  • Floors repaired and painted with POR-15

    Pics from the summer 2000 Alfa Rodeo': an Alfa Romeo club track event
    Hallett Racing Circuit, Oklahoma, USA

    Picures of the car and me from November 2002:

    Pictures of the car after the wreck in 03/2003 :-(
    Another car failed to yield...

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