In October 2002 I finally had the time to put my car on the chassis dyno at Vick Autosports in Fort Worth, TX, USA. I did not do anything to prepare the car, just ran it as it drove off the street. We did two runs, one from 1500 to 6300 rpm and another from 5000 to 6800. On the second run (the dotted lines I had to highlight, as it did not scan well) we got higher values over 5500 rpm. I am guessing this is because everything was already up to temperature, so we had fewer losses.
Overall I am happy with the results - 96 rwhp @6200 rpm and 95 ft-lb of torque @4700 rpm. The torque curve is quite flat for a hi-po motor but the way it feels on the street confirms this. I am surprised that the max torque is so high in the rpm range, but I do have a lot of valve overlap dialed in which does promote cylinder filling at higher rpm.

The next step is to play with ignition and cam timing!