Interior restoration

The interior was in rather sad shape as bought, cracked dash, faded carpet, missing pieces:

I bought restored doorpanels, but first I installed Thinsulate sound insulation (bought on eBay) behind them:

These restored panels do not have the plastic chrome kickplates - as funds become available they may get replaced with original looking units. The chrome plastic strip and plug in the armrest are new aswell. The handle is from a 124 Coupe.

Then I installed a dash that was recovered in vinyl with some french stitching sewn in. The wood panels have veneer on them. On this picture the a-pillar to dash filler piece is not yet installed.

Most importantly I ditched the stock front seats for some Abarth-style ones from Italy. My back was fine even after the 18 hour drive to Detroit for Fiat FreakOut 2007. The carpets are new aswell, they were custom made with insulation on the backside.

They were a bit taller than the stock ones, so instead of mounting them on top of the stock seat sliders, I welded steel bars inbetween the sliders to lower them a bit: