Custom made Air Conditioning

Since I live in Texas, where it's hot at least four months of the year, installing an air conditioning system became a priority. The only problem was that I do not like bulky underdash units, so I had to find a way to install everything behind the console. After searching for a long time I found that the X1/9 HVAC unit almost fit. Only the back lower part had to be trimmed, but at the top it bolted to the undeside of the cowl just like the 124 unit.

This way I could use a console with vents from a 124 Coupe. Another advantage of an integrated HVAC unit is that it can be used for defrosting.

I wanted a clean look under the hood, so the receiver-drier and relays are hidden:

A custom made aluminum radiator and a universal 14" (35cm) fan was installed to handle the extra cooling load. The radiator is wider than stock so the lower hose does not interfere with the AC compressor.